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Having good food at lunch seems to be a problem for many people. It either has to do with getting caught up at work, being on the road, not having good food options available to buy, or not having enough time. Those are just excuses, though. If you’re eating poorly at lunch then good nutrition isn’t one of your priorities.

If it is a priority you’ll MAKE the time to purchase and prepare good food for lunch, even if you are mostly on the road at lunchtime.┬áThere are some tips to ensuring you have a good lunch that you actually want to consume!

  • Get yourself some freezer packs and Tupperware. They are costly, but they do last a lifetime.
  • Cook enough at dinner to have leftovers for the next day, and pack your leftovers in to your new Tupperware while cleaning up the dinner table.
  • Tupperware includes smoothie and juice containers. If you’re on the road, smoothies and juices are convenient alternatives.
  • Pack something that you’re actually excited to eat. Yeah, I know, the muffins at the canteen excite you, but they make you look like a muffin too.

If you have food that you enjoy and are excited to eat, you’re going to eat it. Less waste, a healthier and better looking body, and less dents to your wallet.

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