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Why you Should Participate in the Open with CFJ

Why do you train?  Why do you get up early when it’s dark and cold and make your way to the gym when most are still wrapped up under a warm duvet?  Or sit in traffic after work when the couch is calling your name after a long day?

“Because I should” isn’t really a sustainable reason.

Occasionally it is a good idea to ask yourself why?  Especially if you aren’t “feeling it” or are in a slump.

Your reasons will also change.  If you started CrossFit back in the early days, there is a good chance that your reason has changed! Leader boarding, trying to crush the competition, a six-pack, getting bikini ready or any other vanity or ego-driven fluff will very quickly wear thin as motivation.

Here are some better reasons why:

Be nice

The world is a stressful place.  We are all fighting our own battles outside the gym and exercise is one of the best stress-busting activities around.  Exercise helps to clear the cobwebs and for an hour, takes you outside of your own head and its hamster wheel of troubles and problems.  Those problems are often much less troublesome after the WoD and you’ll be nicer to those around you.


If you’re lucky enough to be bitching about the workout, chances are you have a roof over your head, your own transport and a bed to sleep in each night.  Let the assault bike be a lesson in gratitude and perspective on how big your problems really are.

You’re an example

How you show up every day matters.  We’re all at different stages of our lives and fitness journeys and you’re an inspiration for someone else in your class.  Be your best self, you never know who’s watching and becoming better by your example.

Rise above

“Happiness is in the doing, not in getting what you want.” Sometimes, what you need and what you want are different things.  Some days are fun, other days are a grind and some are just plain boring. However, all of them are required and teach us how to be better in the world outside the gym.

Grit, determination and self-confidence

Overcoming the things that you never thought were possible transfer to how you view yourself.  Finishing Fran, mastering the snatch (even just once!), getting faster and stronger, and pushing past your preconceived limits instills a sense of self-confidence that is difficult to match elsewhere.


Muscles like cake!  Unfortunately, this is not gospel truth, but having more muscle mass means that occasionally you can get away with eating cake on a Saturday and Sunday.  While aspiring to a hot body makes a good reason to get started on fitness, it is not good enough to sustain you year after year.  Think about how you want to age, what kind of life you want when you get older and let that guide you in your training and nutrition.  Regular and appropriate exercise coupled with a healthy lifestyle, good nutrition and appropriate supplementation will ensure that your forties, fifties and beyond are active – physically and mentally!

By: Coach Lisa

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