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December is on our doorstep and that means family feasts and delicious treats are on the menu for all! Making smart choices over this period can be difficult, especially when your family have baked and cooked and want you to share in their delicious hard work!

We sit with a dilemma, to eat the treats or not? Now as CrossFitters, we are known for our Intensity, our AMRAP mentality and our “as much as possible as quick as possible” attitude towards Fitness. This  is good in a gym setting, but not that good when it comes to treats and sweets. We have to show a level of moderation around eating treats during the festive season with our friends and family.

A small treat here and there won’t de-rail your health goals, but we should stay mindful of our overall consumption of sugars and added sugars within the meals and treats we have over the festive season. Making sure we get our normal amount of quality meals in everyday will make us less likely to want to over-indulge on treats and sweets.

So don’t sweat the sweet stuff this Festive season and enjoy spending the time with family and friends.

By Coach Rousseau

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