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Optimising Nutrition

You’ll need knowledge, guidance, commitment, and consistency. Our coaching team and the CFJ environment provide a potent combination and resources. We tailor our nutrition coaching to your specific goals and then support you to achieve them. At CFJ we will work with you, to find a balanced approach to nutrition that provides long-term and sustainable results. We offer two Nutrition coaching options at CFJ Lifestyle Fitness.

1. CFJ Lifestyle nutrition

Join Coach Meghan as she takes you on a deep dive into improving habits and behaviours and optimal food intake with a focus on macronutrient amounts and food quality based on your health, wellness, and body composition goals.

In your first month Coach Meghan will work closely with you to develop better nutrition habits. After your first month, the fee will drop with you now taking what has been learned and implementing the changes at home. There will continue to be monthly check-ins to ensure you remain on track and maintain good habits. Contact us today and our admin team will your start this journey!

Cost: R 1500.00 for your first month. R 1000.00 for every month thereafter.

Availability: 3 members in the initial month can be handled at a time.

2. Smooth Brew Nutrition

Smooth brew was started with one goal in mind, which is to help real people create holistic and sustainable lifestyle changes. The Smooth Brew Nutrition team offer standard meal prep solutions as well as customised meal plans and prep based on a full body assessment and habit evaluation.

They believe in flexibility that allows for you to live your life and enjoy the pleasures of life within manageable guidelines to keep you focused on holistic health and wellness. What sets them apart is that they support you throughout your journey to health and work with you to find the right fit for you given your preferences, lifestyle and health concerns.

For more information please visit Smooth Brew’s website HERE.

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