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There’s a bad misconception about food. It’s that good food – natural, whole, unprocessed food – is not tasty. No, let me correct myself. It’s not a misconception, it’s an excuse. It’s an excuse the lazy and uncommitted use to make themselves feel better about opting for the convenient and processed stuff instead of investing time and money in nutritious food. It’s a side topic, but eating good food is not a cost but an investment in your health. Bad food is a cost because you end up paying more for doctors bills and chronic medication.

Back to topic. Good food is tasty, it’s enjoyable, and it’s anything but boring.

Good food doesn’t take forever to prepare either. However, planning and preparation is essential in today’s busy times. If your health (and therefore your nutrition) is a PRIORITY, then you’d make the time to plan and prepare your meals and snacks. Have your pantry stocked up with all the herbs and spices you’d see in the supermarket. Buy your fresh produce weekly and buy your protein sources in bulk to store in the freezer. Find recipes online and get cooking. It shouldn’t be bland, it should taste amazing when cooked properly using natural herbs, spices and sauces.

Good food isn’t boring. If it ever got boring for you, it’s more a reflection of your boring-ness (yes that’s a word, I made it up) and lack of effort.

Best of all, good food fuels your health and fitness, and it feeds your soul!

If you genuinely don’t have the time to prepare food because of your lifestyle, then it’s still your responsibility to seek out any number of the ready-made food suppliers out there. Or pay your mum to cook for you 😉

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