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Along with the secret to lifelong leanness and a regular snatch PB, how to achieve happiness and a meaningful life is the elusive pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

However, a study has shown that the secret to happiness lies in just one thing:  Our relationships.

“The quality of our life — emotionally, physically, and mentally — is directly proportional to the quality of our relationships.”

It is not the number of friends in your circle that is important though.  What is important is a deep connection through meaningful interactions.   

So how do we do this? 

When you think or experience something positive in your interactions, and you genuinely believe it – say so.

This simple habit can be practiced anytime and anywhere and with anyone that you encounter.

It is unfortunate that we tend to focus on and verbalise our negative experiences and thoughts. Seeking out, acknowledging and then voicing our appreciation and gratitude for the positive aspects, even the seemingly insignificant, of our daily interactions has the potential to enrich our lives in many ways.

  • When you voice positive thoughts, you make the other person feel uplifted
  • This increases gratitude and appreciation of the relationship you share
  • Their positive emotional response creates happiness and satisfaction in you

By expressing positive emotions and gratitude to others, your own sense of happiness and upliftment increases.

So try it – be intentional in your interactions with others, notice the positives and then express your gratitude and appreciation for the things that you genuinely are happy about.  Net result: a happier you.

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