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I’d like to interrupt the weekly nutrition blog to talk about the Open, some more. It starts THIS FRIDAY and we have some good fun lined up for you for the next five weeks. The CrossFit Games programming team have some good tests of fitness lined up you over the next five weeks too. Are you nervous? You should be! But it’s OK to be nervous – it’s normal and expected. Are you going to be ready? Not entirely.

I know that may not seem very motivating, but it’s the truth. Regardless of which division you are going to¬†participate in, it’s the job of the programmers to ensure that everyone is tested in every workout. It’s just like programming for the gym. If everyone that turned up breezed through every workout I wouldn’t be doing my job very well. And you wouldn’t be progressing at all.

Progress happens when you are taken way out of your comfort zone. Those latter rounds and minutes of a workout. When you have no choice but to attempt a task you’ve been avoiding or have never been faced with before. Whether or not you complete the workout or accomplish that task, you still progress. You see, progress doesn’t just happen when you accomplish something. It happens as a result of you TRYING to accomplish something.

I couldn’t care less where you or I place in the Open. I don’t care about which of the Intra Open teams comes out on top. What I do care about, however, is your progress. And I know that by participating in the Open, you will progress in more ways than you may realise. Whether or not you complete all of the workouts as written!

So if you feel like you aren’t ready, you’re probably correct. But you will never be entirely ready for everything in training, in sports and in life. Are you always going to back off because of that? Heck no, you’re going to back yourself!

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