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Tumbling, buddy carries, ladder and hurdle drills, headstands, muscle-ups, climbing, and jumps. Gymnastics skill and play time forms a core part of our program, including warm-ups, because it’s essential to your physical development. I know that you know that, but it doesn’t stop many from shying away from the tasks that make them uncomfortable. It’s partly fear and a lack of confidence, but I think that the fear of screwing up in front of others is more so the reason for not attempting these kinds of tasks.

If you’re ever in while one of the Kids classes under coach Tia is running, spend some time watching them. There is little to no hesitation. They shoot up the ropes, swing on the rig, monkey swing on the ropes, and attack just about everything the adults do in class. But they do so with no inhibition. Do they fall and make mistakes? Absolutely. It’s not unsafe, though, and they’re back up to give it another go in no time.

Adults, on the other hand, are just the opposite. They analyse the situation, try to understand everything before attempting it, and are often concerned with who is watching. They are inevitably left standing still, both in the moment and with regards to their fitness. Paralysis by analysis.

You can’t avoid mistakes and falls forever. While you can certainly do very well and move forward without having to learn from mistakes, allowing and accepting mistakes frees you up to actually try something new! If you nail it, then well done. But if you stuff it up, no one really cares. Get up, dust yourself off, give your ego a pat on the back, and give it another nudge.

Screw up. It’s a part of the learning process.

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