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Camilla is pictured far right with friends at her first mountain bike race.

Name: Camilla Krog

What Do You Do For A Job?
I’m the CEO at a management consulting and software technology development company that specializes in Supply Chain Management and B-BBEE Transformation strategies and solutions.

How Long Have You Been Training At CFJ East?
I finished my groundwork in October 2015 and started “normal” (if you can call them that) classes November 2015.

How Did You First Hear About CrossFit?
A friend of mine trains at the CrossFit Jozi HQ – Edenvale branch and it sounded like it was a great overall body and cardio workout which was constantly challenging too.

Are There Any Memories From Your First Days That You’d Like To Share?
Wow, where to begin!  I remember the first days at groundwork feeling so inadequate the warm ups seemed like a challenge and I remember thinking would I ever get the hang of this.  I am not new to exercise and have done weight work in the past but I remember thinking that my body wasn’t moving and working like it should be.  The baseline workout killed me!

I remember looking down into the main workout area, where the normal crew exercised in the morning, and dreaded having to join them, they worked like machines and made it look so easy – it was truly inspiring and terrifying at the same time!

What Is The Coolest Thing That You Have Achieved At CFJ East?
This is another long list of things that I am amazed that I have done in such a short space of time but I would have to say the infamous “wall walk” I realized joining CFJ East that I have ZERO upper body strength so when I was shown and asked to do a wall walk I remember thinking that if I lift a hand now I am going to face plant the floor, but with the help and support from the coaches and the 5am crew I have managed to do one without the face plant – so really chuffed!

The CrossFit Open was another enlightening moment for me.  I realize how much I underestimate and doubt my capabilities in class. The Open does not allow you time to over think or doubt yourself you just have to get stuck in and do the work out as prescribed.  The mental strength I developed during this experience has put so many things into perspective for me.

If I believe I can’t I am right and if I believe I can I am right.

What Changes In Your Health Have You Noticed Since Starting?
From a physical point of view the tone of my body has improved although the weight on the scale hasn’t shifted significantly but I do appreciate the quality of the weight over the quantity.  I have also noticed significant centimeter loss.  It is a great feeling when your clothes start feeling a bit more comfy.

Being on the Lifestyle Challenge also helped me break bad habits and cut out those things that are just not good for me.  It has also been easier for me to maintain the changes to my eating habits and so I am a lot more mindful of what I put into my body.  I definitely have cheat days but they are conscious decisions that are planned for.

Favourite Exercise?
What – is this a loaded question????

Ok favourite exercise would have to be ……….  Wall Balls (because I don’t totally suck at these – thank goodness for my netball background)!

What Is Your Biggest Challenge In CrossFit?
Right now most things but I would have to say anything that requires upper body strength, I really struggle with Overhead Squats and Pushups (in all shapes and forms).

List Some Of Your Big Goals.
Pull Ups without having to jump!

Strict push ups
Box jumps – “big” people version
And the list goes on and on …………………..

What Is Your Nutrition Fit? (Paleo, Zone, Anything And Everything, Etc.)
Paleo has been the easiest for me to adopt as it was quiet close to what I was already doing, the Lifestyle Challenge helped me to introduce a lot more variety to my diet with some really yummy recipes. I don’t feel like I am being punished on Paleo.

If You Could Invite 3 Famous People To Dinner, Who Would They Be?
Leonard Dicaprio – really admire his passion towards saving our planet and his compassion for animals.
Johnny Depp – because I think is random.
Sandra Bullock – I think she is funny

Who Inspires You At CFJ East?
My 5am crew, I just love them!  CrossFit presents challenges to each and every single athlete in my opinion – that is the beauty of it.  So for me to be witness to each of us facing our “demons” and then conquering them is truly inspiring for me.

Tell Us Something We Don’t Know About You.
I have jumped out of an airplane in my youth that was truly thrilling!

I lived overseas for a year in Belgium.

I really love to travel.

I am a secret agent working for a clandestine agency.

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