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CrossFit Jozi ruined CrossFit for me….

Every morning, without fail, my alarm would go before 5am. I would drag myself to CrossFit Jozi and go try become a better version of myself.

So, what do I have to show for it now? Let me digress first.

Pedantic is one word that describes the CrossFit Jozi way of doing things. Squat – Everyone knows how to squat. Regardless, we drilled basic movement patterns every session. Warm up on your own? Never. A well thought out warm up always awaited us – methodical, intentional and under close guidance of coaches.

You see this is how CrossFit was defined for me. By CrossFit Jozi standards. Get in, get work done, cool down, laugh, leave. Simple. Each workout planned.

Coaches were always on time, classes always started when the coaches said they would, and more importantly for the early morning classes, they ended when they should have. Thanks to this cathartic way of doing things I found routine, purpose and results. The results were nothing short of incredible.

That all sounds amazing, right? So you must be asking how on earth this could ruin CrossFit for me, especially if you’re reading this as a current CFJ member? I’m getting to that. You see, I left CrossFit Jozi because it made little logistical sense to stay. The price I’ve paid has been more than I anticipated it would be.

At CrossFit Jozi there are coaches that understand the movements and more importantly human movement. They apply this knowledge meticulously during sessions. As a member you listen because you trust them. This has not been my experience since leaving my CrossFit home.

CFJ is cheap. You may be laughing at that statement. Do me a favour and compare prices, then compare facilities, then compare coaching and programming. Your bang for buck is incredible! Trust me.

Programming? CFJ has a program. It delivers as long as you work. Ignorance was the only reason I questioned the program when looking at other gyms. Zuma level ignorance! I know nothing about programming, but what’s scary is that some gyms out there seem to know less than I do. As a member of CFJ you’re in good hands, have faith in the plan, show up, work your ass off and you WILL see the results you’re after.

CrossFit Jozi is also the only box I’ve been to that I believe views things holistically. You cannot out work a bad diet. If you have ever done a lifestyle challenge you’ll know this! During my first lifestyle challenge I lost 14 kilograms and 8% body fat in 7 weeks. Sure I had a lot to lose but I gained so much more. If you’re going to make changes then create absolutes, even if only for a few weeks, not a guide that you’re allowed to stray from whenever you feel like it.

To answer my question from earlier, what do I have to show for it now?

I have a strong sense and understanding of nutrition, what it means to work hard and more importantly – smart, and the standards to ensure I move well and safely. The reason CFJ ruined CrossFit for me? An incredibly high standard of how things should be done. A standard you would be hard pressed to find anywhere outside those four walls.

For the time being I am applying my knowledge at a regular gym so returning home to CFJ is not completely off the cards. But you, stay exactly where you are. It really is absolutely World Class.

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