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Our Chalmar Beef Athlete of the month for January 2016 is Sean Tasker who trains alongside his brother Marc and cousins Karl and Tanya, they are all part of the dedicated 5 and 6am crews. Our biggest family training at CFJ East.

What Do You Do For A Job?
I am the National Sales Training Manager for ADT Security, been doing it for 8 years

How Long Have You Been Training At CFJ East?
I started my first ground work class October 2014.

How Did You First Hear About CrossFit?
My brother and cousins were all talking about this CrossFit gym thing and I thought that this won’t be for me. Until Marc did a one arm pull up… I tried too and I couldn’t even lift myself off the ground. It was then I decided I must start to investigate this CrossFit thing.

Are There Any Memories From Your First Days That You’d Like To Share?
There are many but here are just a few. My first sessions were a lot more difficult than I originally thought, I struggled just to hold onto the barbell…. I was so happy to have a PVC pipe for warm ups.

Secondly is when Carl gave me a medicine ball to squat down too because I couldn’t get low enough in my squats, Karl and Marc still give me a bit of grief about that.

What Is The Coolest Thing That You Have Achieved At CFJ East?
I think all of the lifts are pretty cool to do, but to get my first muscle-up was a great feeling. I still need to perfect combining more than one at a time.

What Changes In Your Health Have You Noticed Since Starting?
I have noticed that I am stronger in all facets of my training now, I wish I did CrossFit when I was younger I am sure I wouldn’t be carrying around all these old injuries in my shoulders, knees and ankles and so on…

Favourite Exercise?
Any Olympic lifting class they are fun but they get you tired and you feel great afterwards.

What Is Your Biggest Challenge In CrossFit?
Dealing with all my past injuries, I have a big problem with ankle mobility and need to stretch a lot to be able to get low enough in my squats (hence the medicine ball). Not to mention any lady (benchmark) workout that makes you feel like you want to be carried away from the Box by a medic to get straight onto an oxygen machine.

List Some Of Your Big Goals.
I would like to get to level 3 programming. I have completed most of the level 2 requirements but the last few seem a big jump but I’ll get there.

What Is Your Nutrition Fit? (Paleo, Zone, Anything And Everything, Etc.)
I usually eat anything and everything, but I have been on a Paleo template for 3 weeks now and seems to be working like a treat( but no sweets 😉 ). My favorite food group is *BEER*  but given that up for a month too… help me 😉

If You Could Invite 3 Famous People To Dinner, Who Would They Be?
Yoda,  Chris Martin, Dave Grohl

Who Inspires You At CFJ East?
All the members at CFJ East, we really have a great vibe there and I have a blast working out with everyone. Special mention to all the coaches Andre and Carl they keep us all going. We get scared when Imtiaz arrives at the gym, the workouts always seem to be more difficult when he is there.

Tell Us Something We Don’t Know About You.
The force runs strong in my family 🙂


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