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It is that time of the year again, the once-famous style of the moustache comes back into favour for the month of November. The idea, to let that hairy upper lip do the talking about some serious issues affecting men. Prostate and testicular cancer along with depression are the biggest killers in men today and we need to make people aware!

Step in Movember, so how does it work? There are 2 ways you can get involved and join the cause. Firstly though, you need to sign up on the Movember website.

Grow that Mo

The first is to grow a moustache. Shave all your facial hair off on the 1st of November and grow a sweet Mo. Have fun with this, the more outrageous the more attention. The more attention the more opportunity you have to make a difference. Ask your friends and family to pledge a donation to you on the Movember website to keep that Mo for the month of Movember. Get signed up to the CrossFit Jozi MO Team so all your contributions can be added to the gyms total.

Move for Movember

Moustache not your style or you just don’t think it would go well with the colour of your lipstick? No problem, we have “Move for Movember”. For the month of Movember, you have to accumulate 60km either running, walking, skiing, biking or rowing. You don’t have to be the fastest or the best you just have to get 60km over the course of the month, more than manageable for all of us. You will also get people to pledge donations towards your Move goal and you will be able to track each Move on the website so everyone is able to see how far you have gone. Get signed up to the CrossFit Jozi MO Team so all your contributions can be added to the gyms total.

Still not convinced? We get it moustaches are not for everyone. You can still contribute to this great initiative through donations to the team or a gym buddy.

I myself have had to deal with the impacts of testicular cancer at a young age, and it was a huge shock. Let us do our part to make men aware of the dangers and that help is out there. Real men do cry!

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