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Our Athlete of the month for November and December 2015 was away enjoying a well deserved break in December so we held back on her post until Jan. Congratulations to our November and December Athlete of the month – Charlene Le Grange! Your commitment to your fitness journey in 2015 was immense, we hope that you continue to achieve amazing results in 2016!

What do you do for a job?
I am an assistant accountant.

How long have you been training at CFJ East?
I started my Groundwork program on the 3rd of August 2015.

How did you hear about CrossFit?
My husband heard from friends but it took a lot of convincing for me to agree to give it a try.

Are there any memories from your first days that you’d like to share?
We were learning how to do a snatch in Groundwork and I could not wrap my head around it, as well as the first time we did the baseline – I had to go home and lay down.

What is the coolest thing that you have achieved at CFJ East?
I wouldn’t pin it to a specific thing because there are so many. For example going from not completing a workout in the prescribed time to actually finishing with a few seconds to spare and doing my very first decent skip just the other day.

What changes in your health have you noticed since starting?
I sleep like a baby, I’m less tired, my cholesterol went down, I lost 7 cm around my waist and people who haven’t seen me in a while comment that I’m glowing ( not sure if that’s health related but I’ll take it)

Favourite exercise?
Probably lifting.

What is your biggest challenge in CrossFit?
Definitely running followed by the gymnastics.

List some of you big goals?
Being able to do pull-ups , toes to bar the list goes on.

What is your nutrition fit ? ( Paleo, Zone ,Anything and everything etc)
I try and follow the 80/20 rule as much as possible but sometimes life and cake just happen 🙂

If you could invite 3 famous people to dinner, who would they be?
Oprah – The interesting stories she must be able to tell (who knows she might give everybody a car at dinner)
Malala Yousafzai – She is a Pakistani activist for female education.
Trevor Noah – For comedic relief.

Who inspires you at CFJ East?
The dedication of Carl and Andre as well as everyone in the 5 am crew.

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