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Nick Caripis

Nick Caripis

I’ve been training at CrossFit Jozi since:
March 2015

I discovered CrossFit through:
Karyn Da Silva was training at another box and insisted we would love Crossfit and the tough workouts and mental challenge. So I started and I am now addicted.

The most significant change in my health since starting CrossFit has been:
Everything. I love the mental toughness it gives you and how to strategise about the WOD. The relief I get from work and life stress is like a drug to me. Not getting sick as often is a big thing, but I would say overall education. I was always big on learning about nutrition, health and fitness but I have learned more practical knowledge in all aspects in the last 2 years then I have in the last 15 years.

My biggest challenge in CrossFit is:
Olympic lifts, it is all mental, but I enjoy it

What keeps you coming back?
I love pushing my limits and exploring new things. To do something for the first time is such a great feeling.

If I could use one word to describe myself it would be:

My favorite activity outside of CrossFit is:
Obstacle course racing

My favorite place to eat in Jozi is:
I gotta say Tasha’s

My proudest accomplishment at CrossFit Jozi is:
Finishing Diane RXd and a strict Muscle up.

My current goals are:
Clean and Jerk 110kg, Snatch 85kg. More importantly to improve my running mechanics

Tell us something we don’t know about you.
I hate to lose and love competition.

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