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Hylton “Billy” Honicke has been a member of the CFJ community since the beginning. Billy’s consistent commitment to getting better each day, over YEARS, are an excellent example of the why we see no distinction between health and fitness, they are one in the same. He shows up, works hard and has fun. Simple powerful stuff to living a healthy fit life!

What Do You Do For A Job?
Marketing / I.T for REBEL Safetygear / REBEL Elite Fitness and inov-8 South Africa

How Long Have You Been Training At CFJ East?
I have been at CFJ East for almost a year now, been at CFJ since the beginning.

How Did You First Hear About CrossFit?
Our Director helped open one of the first CrossFit boxes in S.A (REBEL CrossFit in Edenvale – 2009)… and then I moved across to CFJ when it opened up at the back of our warehouse in Bedfordview.

Are There Any Memories From Your First Days That You’d Like To Share?
I remember the small classes in the beginning when we were trying to convince peeps that this was the training route to go… good to see how its taken off in SA.

What Is The Coolest Thing That You Have Achieved At CFJ East?
Attending the early morning training sessions in mid-winter… and working / making progress on the long list of goats.

What Changes In Your Health Have You Noticed Since Starting?
CrossFit has been like “Snake-Oil” for me… I have lost weight, toned up, I feel better physically and mentally, sleep like the dead and slowly becoming less allergic to burpees the longer I am exposed to them.

Favourite Exercise?
Curling at the squat rack

What Is Your Biggest Challenge In CrossFit?
Finding mirrors to curl in front of…

List Some Of Your Big Goals.
Keep training, run a 21k, then run a 42k, get back on an offroad bike, smile and have fun and then live happily ever after

What Is Your Nutrition Fit? (Paleo, Zone, Anything And Everything, Etc.)
Eat fairly paleo most days of the week… with a few beers / drinks thrown in for good measure on the weekends.

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