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Chalmar Beef Athlete of the Month – March 2015

For this month’s Athlete of the month we’ve chosen Leander. Leander has been training with CFJ East for less than a year but has made incredible progress during the CrossFit Games Open 2015 season, his support for fellow athletes and his determination to work on his more challenging movements – The Olympic Lifts over the last few months have contributed to. What you put in, you get out.

March: Leander van Tonder


I’ve been training at CrossFit Jozi East since: 1 August 2014.

I discovered CrossFit through: My wonderful wife, Sarah Wethmar. However, Ashley Hills assisted in persuading me…

The most significant change in my health since starting CrossFit has been: That I have a lot more energy to assist me in my profession. Also, for the first time in my life I feel physically “strong”.

My biggest challenge at CrossFit is: Getting this body of almost 2 meters to “kipp” swing unbroken – somehow my body refuses to work with me in this respect. Also handstands!!!

The fact that for one (1) whole hour I only need to focus on breathing and picking up the “f@#king bar”! That simple mantra makes me forget about all of my daily stress …? keeps me coming back.

If I could use one word to describe myself it would be: Determined.

My favourite activity outside of CrossFit is: Watching movies and my favourite series! As an Afrikaans male, obviously hunting!

My favourite place to eat in Jozi is: All the places that Chalmar Beef provides meat to! There’s a lot of them in Jozi!!!

My proudest accomplishment at CrossFit Jozi East is: Doing a “Double under”! Somehow my co-ords all came together on that day!

My goals for the remainder of the year are: To excel at Olympic Lifting – Saturdays here I come…

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