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Chalmar Beef Athlete of the Month: May 2015

This month’s award goes to one of the most consistent attendees of the 8:15am class. He never cherry picks, always scales to his abilities, is forever smiling, and fully supports the “If you’re not moving you’re motivating” motto!


Paris Stavrides

I’ve been training at CrossFit Jozi since:
October 2013

I discovered CrossFit through:
My wife, Matoula

The most significant change in my health since starting CrossFit has been:
It helped me stop smoking back in Nov 2013.

My biggest challenge in CrossFit is:
Hand stand walks.

What keeps you coming back?
Feeling good is addictive!

If I could use one word to describe myself it would be:
No idea ask my wife?!

My favorite activity outside of CrossFit is:
Cooking fresh fish on the braai with a good glass of wine, whilst being with my wife and children.

My favorite place to eat in Jozi is:
There’s a few,  but I’ll go with Mythos.

My proudest accomplishment at CrossFit Jozi is:
Doing a strict Muscle Up

My goals for the remainder of the year are:
Strengthening my lower back, which always worries me, get more flexibility on the shoulders. And smash out a couple of muscle ups in a row.

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