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Sanitizing of equipment

  • Our equipment is wiped down and cleaned daily by our cleaning staff.
  • The member is then responsible for wiping down the equipment used to complete their workout at the end of every class.
  • The member will use a sanitizing spray and cloth to do so. The cloth is then collected by the coach on duty, who disinfects and preps the clothes for class the following day.
  • Therefore equipment is wiped down by members every hour and a thorough clean is carried out by our team once a day.

Socially distanced training blocks

  • Each Block is 3m x 3m and contains all the equipment you will need to complete the programmed workout.
  • Every block is bordered by a 1 metre space, ensuring that you are always 2 metres away from fellow members when in the center of your block.

Screening at entrance

  • Screening at the entrance will involve a temperature check, which is carried out by a contactless (infrared) thermometer.
  • You will then be asked 4 simple COVID-19 questions by the coach on duty, this is used to identify any risk.
  • If there are no flags from the questionnaire, your screening is complete and you will be directed to a training block.

Attendance number control

  • We have 12 members per CrossFit class.
  • We have 5 members per Concept Cardio class.
  • Class caps for Kids & Masters CrossFit is dependent on the class time. Please contact us for further information.
  • We have 12 members per Barbell Club (Olympic Lifting) class.
  • We have 12 members per Gi Jozi class (CrossFit/Concept Cardio mix).

Face mask mandatory until workout begins

  • As per the government regulation a face mask is mandatory at all times. We are however allowed to remove our mask when performing vigorous activity.
  •  Masks will not need to be worn when training. To maintain control, your coach will advise when your mask can be off and when it needs to be reapplied.

Wash hands

  • The best defense against COVID-19 is hygiene. Please wash your hands once you have entered the gym and remember to wash again when leaving the gym.

Sanitizing hand stations available

  • Sanitize those hands when entering the studio for that extra piece of mind.

Limit amount of belongings brought in to gym

  • You should bring your gym bag. To clarify this is the bag that contains your goodies such as skipping rope, wrist wraps, knee sleeves and so on.
  • You should bring your kit bag if you are unable to change at work or home.
  • You should bring a Full water bottle (we have no water coolers on the floor to prevent hot spots)
  • You should bring some chalk (we have removed all chalk buckets from the floor to prevent hot spots). Separate chalk blocks can be purchased from us for R 40.00 per block, it comes in a plastic zip bag.
  • Do not bring a sweat towel.
  • When adhering to this protocol, simply ask yourself “do I really need this?” if the answer is “no” without hesitation then leave it at home.

CFJ buffs available onsite

  • We have 3 different colours of the CFJ Buffs – Black, Charcoal and Light Blue. Each buff sells for R 130.00.

All studios are regularly cleaned everyday

  • As mentioned earlier our entire facility is cleaned daily. Wiping down of equipment and mopping floors is a daily task that must be completed. We are known for our cleanliness, we were doing daily cleaning before COVID-19 was around.
  • Good ventilation maintained in all studios.
Ready for anything

Constantly varied workouts comprised of functional movements.

CrossFit is a fitness program that aims to develop the broadest possible fitness. To achieve that we employ constantly varied workouts comprised of functional movements (pushing, pulling, squatting, lifting, and throwing). The workouts are applied at an intensity suited to your abilities. CrossFit is for everyone – grandparents and athletes alike!

Better than yesterday

Workouts are always changing and ever challenging.

With the mix of body-weight exercises, weightlifting, kettlebell movements, running, rowing and skipping, the workouts are always changing and ever challenging. Sure, CrossFit can be tough, but it gets results.