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The OPEN is here – Now What?

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The CrossFit Open is here and despite it being “just another workout” it brings anxiety, random injuries and losing the lucky workout socks.

So how can we prepare during the week to bring our best every Friday during the Open?  Here are some tips to help you navigate the next few weeks:


In the case of the Open, most of us would take Thursday as a rest day.  Well, according to the supple leopard, Dr Kelly Starrett, the day before a big effort may not be the best day to rest.  His advice is to get a workout in the day before (obviously not a max effort day) and to rest two days before the big day.  The logic being that the cost of a big effort workout done on a Wednesday will be paid on a Friday.

A better option, take Wednesday as a recovery or rest day and train on Thursday, even if you do so at a lower intensity then usual.


Don’t make any changes to what you are used to.  The Open is not the time to try new supplements or change your diet.  Make sure you have enough good quality carbohydrates and protein on board and limit your intake of fats and sugar on the day.  Don’t expect peak performance from your body if you’ve fed it pizza and wine all week!


By this stage you should already be taking good care of your hands – keeping those calluses smooth will go a long way in avoiding rips and tears.  If you know that you have a dodgy shoulder (or insert body part here), then pay extra attention to it over the next few weeks.  Have a quick go-to routine that you can do every day to keep yourself in peak condition. Cataflam is not a substitute for a regular mobility practice.


It is normal to feel a little stressed out, but remember: It is you against you and nobody else.  Despite the leaderboard and the good-natured goading from your workout buddies, the Open is an opportunity to test your own limits.  So close your eyes, shut out the noise and just do your best on the day.  Pick yourself up afterwards and take whatever lesson you need to learn from your performance and move on.


Give a high five where its due and cheer for every member partaking, they deserve it.  If you haven’t entered the Open and are not participating, then your job is to cheer and support those that have.  Do not worry we know that you will have FOMO and be signed up just before the end of FNL, enough time to jump into a heat and partake.

If you are competing, then give it your best shot!  Leave the “should have could have would have” and instead just do it – give it your all and leave everything on the floor.  But most importantly, don’t take yourself too seriously.

Because nobody else is – we’re all here for the music, custom leaderboards and burgers at Smooth Brew. 

*Please be mindful of those entered into the OPEN. They will and should get first preference for heats at FNL. If you are booking for a spot, you should actually be registered and competing in the OPEN. Sean will remove non-OPEN members (not registered) to create space in heats if need be.

By Coach Lisa

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