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The CrossFit Open is The World’s Largest Participatory Event

Yes, you read that correctly.  The CrossFit Open is the world’s largest participatory event.  And arguably the most inclusive, hosting divisions for adaptive athletes and age categories from teens to Masters over the age of 65 in addition to the usual prescribed and modified workouts to cater for all athletic abilities.

In 2018, CrossFit set a record with 415 000 Open participants across 172 countries.

The majority of those athletes were people like you.

The Open is for everyone.  If you’ve just started CrossFit and don’t yet know your hang from your power position – the Open is for you.  If you aren’t competitive or really dislike being shouted at by your buddy – the Open is for you.  No matter your age, your athletic ability, your fitness level or preference for Reebok versus Nike, the Open is for you.

What is universally common to every participant is the following:

  • Increasing levels of anxiety, hitting peak anticipatory anxiety by Thursday evening.
  • Pre-dawn alarm on Friday to look at the workout.
  • Bemoaning the fact that you have not yet by some miracle mastered muscle ups or handstand obstacle walking.
  • Mild nausea and the inability to do any productive work throughout Friday.
  • Dread and fear when you arrive at the gym for Friday Night Lights.
  • Forgetting how to count double unders.
  • Awarding questionable bro reps.
  • On the call of 3 – 2 – 1 you end up HAVING THE BEST TIME!
  • Considering a redo because you weren’t at your peak and somebody beat you.
  • Applying all the filters to maximize your position on the leaderboard.
  • Saving the screenshot of your subsequent filtered top five position.
  • Repeating all these states for the next three weeks.

Every single person in the gym is in the same boat. The Open is characterized by stress, anxiety and butterflies in our bellies. It is three weeks of rough workouts, way more complaining than usual, sore hands and muscles and a last-minute and desperate attempt to become more flexible.

But there is benefit to being pushed past our perceived limits and therein lies the beauty of the Open.  Every time we finish an Open workout, no matter the division or score, we stretch the boundaries of our comfort zones, we become more resilient and confident, and our ability to deal with the challenges of daily life outside the gym increases.

This year, the Open aims to be accessible to everyone and in particular has considered COVID-19 lockdown requirements:

Prescribed (Rx) or Scaled workouts at a local affiliate

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have pull ups or pistols – there is always a modification to the movements to ensure all levels of fitness and ability can participate.  Currently, lockdown regulations permit us to train in the gym and more information on the Friday Night Lights format will be released on the blog over the next week.

Minimal or Equipment-Free workouts at home

If you are at home and aren’t able to or prefer not to workout at an affiliate, there is an option for minimal-equipment workouts or equipment-free workouts, all you’ll need is a clear space in your home or garden.

Next week, we’ll delve into the quarterfinals, semifinals (Cape Town is set to host the Africa event), last chance qualifier and the finals – get ready to geek out all things CrossFit Games, it’s always an inspiring event and an opportunity to marvel at the best in the sport of fitness!

Go get signed up at http://SIGN UP HERE and we’ll see you on the floor for 3 – 2 – 1 GO!

By Coach Lisa

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