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What better way to return to a normal schedule in the new year than with some baseline testing? For many of you who’ve been with us for a long time it will almost feel like starting all over again–unfamiliar workouts, a surprise everyday, and a healthy dose of nervousness! We use fitness testing to evaluate the safety, effectiveness and efficacy of our methods, and as an opportunity for you to measure changes in your health and fitness. So if it feels like your December holidays are hurting more than they should during this week of training, don’t sweat it. You’re going to have an opportunity to redo these tests in 3 months 😉

Remember, we use testing days to evaluate your fitness. While the approach to the session is very much the same, the intention is specifically to test. Whereas the intent on training days is to develop your fitness.

Similarly, there’s a difference between doing and practising. On some days or in some parts of workouts we’re working towards increasing your work capacity. Those are doing days and pieces–you either have the ability to perform the movements as written, or some smart modifications are necessary to ensure that you are training effectively. On other days and pieces we dial the intensity right down to practise–learn a new skill, improve an existing skill, or simply allow for active recovery.

Your coaches will always explain the intent and purpose of the workout, but remember that unless you’re proficient at a movement, modify the workout to ensure you’re doing and training. And when practise or technique days come up, work on your ninja skills!

This week’s testing will give an insight into what sort of training you can expect in the coming training block.


The focus of the first block of the year will be to develop endurance and stamina while improving your speed and skill level. Endurance and stamina sort of go together to build what we refer to as your engine. A big engine means that you’ve got the ability to go far, get there quickly, and handle heavy loads along the way while maintaining good positions.

Speed is your ability to reduce the time cycle of a repeated movement, and you need good skill levels for that. This all follows on from the last cycle, and will get you nicely prepared for the Open!

So “gassy” metcons, learning how to cycle a barbell, and gymnastics practise. All of which go towards shedding those excess kilos you gained over the holidays, IF you’re sorting out your nutrition 😉


As we have been doing, there will be four training blocks in a year. Two of 13 weeks and two of 12. While we have previously used CrossFit’s benchmark workouts to evaluate your work capacity, there’ll be a change this year. There will still be fitness testing, but the tests will be unique to that training block. Instead of being familiar with the benchmark tests, you’re now exposed to something new!

The ladies and odd hero workout will still feature throughout the year, of course. Some for testing and others for training days. They’re great workouts that should form part of any fitness program.

Specialty Classes

The Barbell Club is going through a work capacity and stamina phase too, to ensure that all programs are tied in. Lots of complexes and percentage work for you guys.

The Endurance Club is kicking the year off with a rowing block to improve your rowing skill level and of course to grow your lungs and engine. It will be a good way of ensuring you’re getting endurance work in while recovering from training on Monday to Wednesday.

G.I. Jozi is there for the low skill, cardio-based workouts, and it shouldn’t be too long before the Concept Cardio room is good to go!

Don’t forget about the UpSkill plans and private coaching available for those of you wanting some individually tailored programming and coaching. Group classes aren’t all we do, they’re PART of our offering!

Enjoy the return to full training, and take care of your recovery!



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