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2017 is about to wrap up and it’s flown by. It probably seems to fly by quicker towards the tail end of the year because everyone has their sights on the holiday season, almost wishing the time away. But it’s also a good time for reflection. Like have you accomplished those resolutions you set 12 months ago?

Big up if you have! Achieving goals don’t happen without some effort and discipline. Was it rewarding accomplishing those goals, though? Or perhaps you didn’t meet your resolutions. You could have smart goals and well laid out plans to achieve them, but you may still end up indifferent or not having accomplished them at all. And that could be down to knowing your why.

Because you want to get stronger, put 10kg on your deadllift, get your first pull-up, rehabilitate an injury, look better naked, or out-run your grandchildren. Everyone’s why’s are different, but knowing your reasons has the same effect. Your why’s–the reasons for doing something–guide your actions and influence your feelings.

Why we program and coach the way we do at CFJ is based on several why’s, but there’s one big why governing all of that. Lifelong health and fitness. That means more people with a better quality of life, throughout life. It means more people living an active life for as long as possible. It means people who are more capable, in general.

So as much as we love seeing a full PB Board and a busy PB Bell, we’re okay if you don’t get that PB. You aren’t always going to PB everything all the time. You still had a good workout. You’re doing more than sitting on the couch which is more than just about the rest of the population. And you’re fitter and healthier than when you started with us. You are also (hopefully) making better decisions around your food and recovery. That’s what matters.

What matters to you, though? What is behind your decision to come to the gym? Let us know in the comments section below.

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