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This article is a repost from January 2016. There’ll be alot of reposts this year because the Knowledge Blog is stacked with good articles that, well, I don’t want to write again! They’re good reminders for older members and fresh information for all the newer members. So if you’re reading an article this year that sounds familiar, it is.

During our break, as you do, I often got asked the common “What are your resolutions for the new year?” question. I’m personally not one for new year’s resolutions because I don’t believe that you should wait for a particular time of year to set goals. Goal setting, attaining and re-setting should be an ongoing process. And I also feel that we should always be striving to be just a little better than yesterday, not just at the turn of the year. Especially if come February those resolutions are forgotten, and that’s often the case with New Year resolutions.

But, there is a lot of energy around this time of year and if all those around you are fired up to make some positive change then it may well be a good time for you to get working on some new goals. I’m certainly excited for the year ahead and fired up to keep giving our members the best fitness service around!

Whether or not you’re into new year’s resolutions, here are some tips and reminders to get you setting and sticking to goals.

  • Set short, tangible goals. Tangible means attainable, realistic. These should often include behavioural goals over performance-based goals. “I intend to train on four days a week for the first month of the year,” instead of “I want to increase my back squat by 10kg by the first test week.” The latter goal is NOT tangible, either.
  • Commit to a challenge. The Open, a local competition, an obstacle race, sports tournament. That sort of commitment drives a subconscious consistency in your nutrition and training.
  • Pick just one weakness to work on at a time. Yes I know, there is SO much to work on ALL of the time. But STICK TO THE PROGRAM and you’ll get there. And now we have the UpSkill program to give you tailored guidance on anything YOU want to work on.
  • Work on your strengths too. It’s easy to get caught up in what you’re unable to do, so don’t forget to keep working on your strengths too.
  • Surround yourself with like-minded people. They don’t have to be CrossFitters, but they need to be the sort who don’t belittle your goals. I can think of a few hundred people between two facilities who fit that role. Try to train at different times, work with people fitter than you, publicise your goals so those people can hold you accountable too.
  • Get to know more people.
  • Enjoy the process. Attaining goals is important, but if you don’t, review, learn and re-set. The journey is what matters!

On behalf of the CFJ teams, I hope that 2017 is a fruitful one for you all!

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