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You get exposed to so many different movements and workouts in training. And although progress in CrossFit is far greater than with most other fitness programs, it often feels like it’s taking you forever just to get the hang of the basics. When you do, it feels great. Until you get knocked off your horse by another unsuspecting workout and are left feeling like you have “just another thing to work on.”

It’s good to feel that way now and again because it keeps you grounded. But it can also be a bit overwhelming, especially if you’re the really driven sort who wants to be able to perform well at everything. What most people tend to do is work on everything they feel needs improving. They throw a bunch of balls up in the air, but even if they somehow manage to add structure to all that practise, they might be quick enough to catch just one ball. It’s too much, especially with so much being covered in class already.

Very much the same happens to members who’ve got a much longer training history of three years or more. They manage to balance out all aspects of their fitness, have developed really good work capacity, and are keen to either get in more training or would like to nudge some aspects of fitness up. They either start working on too many things, or jump between tasks.

It’s partly why training without guidance doesn’t work – you simply don’t know what you should be working on and how to work on it.

The key is to only work on one to three tasks at a time. It might seem like you’re working on less, but with properly structured work on just a few areas, you end up covering those areas in much less time. And then you can move on to the next goal. With just three balls up in the air, you have a far greater chance of catching all of them. The important word there is structured. Even if you’re just working on one to three tasks for a few weeks at a time, unless the work is well directed you’ll get nowhere.

And that’s exactly what you’re paying us for. You’re not purchasing a gym membership at the CFJ facilities, you’re purchasing coaching and all that comes with it. But your membership plan might not be giving you all you need and want, or you may simply have the time to supplement the training you do in classes. And we’ve been working on providing more offerings to cater to the needs of the individual. You will have seen a lot of personal training happening, and now we’re releasing our UPSKILL plan!

The plan is a bolt on to your monthly membership plan and comes with a program tailored to your needs and goals. It covers just one to three tasks at a time, is goal orientated, and comes with some personal training. If you’re a CFJ member, check your mailboxes for more information!

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