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Macro Mondays, Take-away Tuesdays, calories in vs. calories out, the Zone, Paleo, primal, Banting – it’s like naming a list of politicians and their proposals, and it all certainly evokes the same sort of emotion!┬áNutrition has always been a hot topic, but it seems moreso now than ever. All the discussion, opinions and “research” gets confusing. But when you dig into all of the information out there, you’ll see that there are a few facts that can’t be disputed and they form the basis of good nutrition.

  • Eat little to no sugar
  • Avoid refined and processed carbohydrates (and other man made products)
  • Consume lots of and a good variety of vegetables and some fruit
  • Natural, unprocessed fats are essential for health
  • Have good quality protein daily
  • Having a knowledgeable coach is a well placed investment

I believe that good nutrition is simple, but it can be difficult. It’s especially difficult when you’re constantly bombarded with messaging to keep you unhealthy (go figure), have a busy life and are surrounded by people who’d rather eat the cake and be sorry for themselves. Having the right type of support in the form of coaches and training mates keeps it simple and easy. That’s precisely what brought people to us, and has kept them with us!

In that light, the Spring Lifestyle Challenge is about to kick off. If you’ve participated in a KitchnBox challenge before you’ll get an email from them, and another mailer will be sent out to all members. The lifestyle challenges are a great tool to nudge your health and fitness habits on to a better path. Better yet, after the challenge kicks off we’ll be announcing a new nutrition service design to better meet your individual needs. Keep your eyes and ears peeled!



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