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Because it’s all about the Winter Challenge at the moment!

What is the challenge about?
The goal of the challenge is to develop sustainable healthy lifestyle habits such as eating the correct food, training consistently and caring for your recovery. By holding you accountable to your daily habits (you have to log scores), we encourage you to make better choices. And because you’re doing it with a group of like-minded people, it’s a whole lot more motivating and fun.

Is it just about weight loss?
No. Everyone has different goals. Some want to lose body fat, others gain muscle, or they might just want to give their health and fitness a nudge in the right direction. Either way, the general guidelines stay the same. But we help you to tweak your dietary intake and activity to meet your needs.

Is this a team or individual challenge?
This is a team challenge. That means your individual scores contribute to the team’s score. The extra accountability and support go a long way!

Should I recruit team mates?
Yes! It’s best to find people who train at similar times to you.

I’m just starting the GroundWork program or just moving to the regular classes, can I still sign up?

I have a [insert party name] to attend and it’s going to be hard to stick to the challenge while there, can I just cheat on that day?
No. Giving up sugar, refined carbs, processed food and alcohol for 6 weeks isn’t hard. And when you’re committed to making some healthy change, saying “no” shouldn’t be that hard either. The challenge rules have been set for your benefit. If you don’t want to commit to the challenge, then don’t sign up.

I’m going to be away for x number of days, can I still enter?
There is always something that will get in the way of you getting to all the dates on the itinerary – travel, sickness, emergencies – but that won’t affect your ability to complete the challenge. We’ll accommodate you as best we can.

Are there prizes?
For sure! We have CFJ apparel, training gear, and a dinner on the house for the winning team.

We start in just 4 days, get registered!

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