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This one’s for those of you newer to CrossFit. Three to five years ago we’d have people enquiring about joining because they saw the CrossFit Games on ESPN and wanted to give it a go. Nowadays, most new members know little about that part of CrossFit. Although CrossFit the training program is largely what it’s about, the CrossFit Games are arguably one of the world’s fastest growing sporting events and therefore a big part of CrossFit. And this year marks the 10th anniversary of the Games. So it’s a special season!

The Games are the world’s premier test to find the Fittest on Earth. The CrossFit Games season acts as a funnel, starting with the Open, advancing to the selective live regionals, and concluding with an elite few on a world stage at the CrossFit Games. I love the Games season because of what the athletes achieve. What they are proving to be humanly capable goes far beyond what was ever ‘proven’ or thought possible. It’s both inspiring and ridiculous!

The Regional stages begin this weekend. You can liken the Regionals to the final stage of Olympic qualifiers, and most will agree that this stage is much tougher than the final stage of the Games. The great thing about the Regionals for most of us everyday CrossFitters is that everything they do is pretty much what you’re exposed to in the gym. They’re of course a ton fitter, but you’ll be able to relate to the events they’re tasked with making it a really fun event to watch.

There are a total of eight Regionals comprised of athletes from specific qualifying regions. Africa forms part of the Meridian Regional which includes athletes from the Middle East, Europe and the UK, making it one of the most tightly contested Regionals. South Africa has a good contingent of both individual and team athletes from an array of gyms going through to the Meridian Regional, so more reason to follow the events.

Read about how to watch the Regionals HERE, top up your data and bandwidth, stock up on snacks, and enjoy the Regionals over the next three weekends!

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