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With all the fuss about the Open and the public holiday disruptions, the February Lifestyle Challenge ended without enough attention. To the challengers, we’re sorry about that.

You challenge leaderboard is below. These were the participants who scored best across the board – nutrition, training, stretching, activity outside of the gym, bonus point challenges, changes in waist and hip circumference, and improvements in the fitness test – they made the biggest changes to their lifestyles!


CFJ East

  1. Leon Naidoo (13th overall)
  2. Marius Hofmeyer (16th overall)
  3. Marinus Yates (18th overall)


  1. Walter Dell’Erba (1st overall)
  2. Eben Killian (2nd overall)
  3. Bradley Mangan (3rd overall)


CFJ East

  1. Camilla Krog (1st overall)
  2. Aileen Dhooge (5th overall)
  3. Jennifer Lees (6th overall)


  1. Claudia Themistocleous (2nd overall)
  2. Mel Sears (3rd overall)
  3. Laura Karamarkov  (4th overall)

For the first time ever, we (the KitchnBox team that includes the founders of KB, a nutrition coach and myself) took the challenge out to other gyms. So while these were the top of the leaderboard for our gyms, there was alos a leaderboard for all the other gyms and individuals who entered. And two of the names above won the ‘global’ challenge too.

Walter and Camilla won the global challenge too!

A very well done to all of you. We hope that the challenge has helped you instil sustainable, healthy lifestyle habits. We’ll get profiles for these guys up shortly.

The annual winter challenge won’t be too far off. That’s a team challenge that includes a cook off, team events and bunch of other fun. Hang tight!


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