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Name: Luther Martin King

I’ve been training at CrossFit Jozi since: I started the Jump up in January and I’ve officially been training since February this year.

I discovered CrossFit through: My beautiful and unconditionally supportive sister Mellissa (last week’s member profile). She is my motivation in a lot of things I do <3

The most significant change in my health since starting CrossFit has been: My stamina has increased tremendously and this compliments my body being much stronger than before.

My biggest challenge in CrossFit is: Coming early to class because I am always late 😛 Haha just kidding, I am always late but my biggest challenge is achieving handstand push ups (I can do one, but that’s about it).

What keeps you coming back? The facility is amazing and above that the coaches are awesome, dedicated and very understanding (sspecially Marcus Swanepoel, he is like a brother to me and he always helps me with my performance whether we are in class or in a competition, he gives great advice).

If I could use one word to describe myself it would be: Competitive B-) Okay wait, I would actually describe myself as ‘Adaptable’ because once I am introduced to something, I want to learn how to adapt to its conditions and become great at it.

My favorite activity outside of CrossFit is: I Love Football 😀 I play at Corinthians and I have been doing Kung Fu for the past 3 years at the Chinese Martial Arts and Health Centre. My favorite is football though.

My favorite place to eat in Jozi is: Roco Mama’s in Bedfordview! Their honey based ribs are the best I have tasted in a long time (My girlfriend Chenoa and I love ribs) 🙂

My proudest accomplishment at CrossFit Jozi is: Between coming 3rd in the Autumn Showdown and sharing 3rd place with an awesome athlete at the Spring Throwdown, I would have to say that my proudest accomplishment is staying consistent. Consistency was never my strong point but now it is very important to me and I believe it is the foundation to bettering one’s self.

My goals for the remainder of the year are: Accomplishing 5-10 handstand push ups, improving my current weight in every exercise and I would Love to do at least 1 Muscle up 😀

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