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Chalmar Beef Athlete of the Month: June 2015, HQ

“When I saw Devan’s overhead squat a couple of weeks back, I was convinced he had stolen a new pair of ankles! He has come a long way.” – Carl Afonso.

Devan has been working, relentlessly, to iron out his weakness, is a pleasure to coach, and brings a great dynamic to the PM classes. Well done, Devan! (Apologies for the blurry pic, it’s the best one we have of Dev in an overhead squat 😉 )


Devan Cairns

I’ve been training at CrossFit Jozi since:
June 2013

I discovered CrossFit through:
Barloworld Nike SA – One of our business partners, and nooo it does not mean I can organize you a freebie hehe 🙂

The most significant change in my health since starting CrossFit has been:
Definitely my flexibility – I have always been health conscious and extremely active therefore my lungs have always been one of my strongest assets but I love the idea of moving heavy weight quickly while ensuring it is in the most efficient way, I believe CrossFit has managed to achieve this 🙂

My biggest challenge in CrossFit is:
Those damn double unders and snatches!

What keeps you coming back?
That extreme burning sensation you get after a killer WOD!!! And of course having 1 up on my “rival” Filipe Viseu!

If I could use one word to describe myself it would be:
An extreme perfectionist 😉

My favorite activity outside of CrossFit is:
I’m from Benoni, so it’s either screaming at Man Utd , enjoying the sounds of “rip it boetm” “strip it boet” at the Virgin Active – Gotta love those fella’s :-D, or most recently actually shopping for our little Beagle puppy with my lady.

My favorite place to eat in Jozi is:
Definitely La Piovra or somewhere rustic that has a family atmosphere

My proudest accomplishment at CrossFit Jozi is:
Getting my first ring muscle up during the Open, smashing double unders in Wednesday’s WOD this week, and of course, Athlete of the Month now 🙂

My goals for the remainder of the year are:
Snatch , Snatch , Snatch (ask coach Andre , he knows my frustration)

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