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Week 1 of 5 for the Winter Challenge is already almost over! I’m normally bombarded with emails containing questions on what foods to use instead of what is not allowed on the challenge. But this time, I’ve barely had any. That must mean you’re all on to it this year!

I dug up an old post about what you should be looking to eat to ensure that your blood sugar levels, and therefore insulin levels, stay balanced.

Eat this, Not that

One of the goals of a healthy diet is to maintain stable blood glucose levels. All consumed carbohydrates get broken down in to glucose and glucose then enters the blood stream to be sent to cells that need it most. When you eat high glycemic carbohydrates such as rice, pasta, breads, and sweet treats, your blood glucose spikes and you have a boost of energy. But 30-60 minutes after that you end up in what we refer to as a ‘carb coma.’ Your energy levels dip, you feel lethargic and you get hungry again. And then you end up reaching for another sugary snack which sends you on another trip on the roller coaster.

With the right amounts of fat, protein, and good carbs in your diet, you will maintain consistent levels of energy. To do so, several common (poor) food choices need to ditched for healthier alternatives. And that is the purpose of this 3-week challenge – to balance your blood glucose levels by making better food choices.

In the table below you will see a column of common foods you may have been eating under the misconception that they are healthy choices. Beside that column are foods you should be having instead of those unhealthy options. Use this table to guide you to beating the blood sugar roller coaster.

Eat this…

Not this…

Plain, full fat dairy Low-fat or fat-free dairy
Cut up veggies with nuts Fruit for a snack
Boiled eggs or biltong Breakfast or protein bar
Ready-made quiche Cereal on-the-go
Grain-free granola Cereal or granola bars
Salmon, tuna, or organic cold meat Smoothies made with fruit
Water with lemon or lime Sports drinks
Whole fruit (see the Yes/No food list) Fruit juice
Raw nuts & seeds Crackers, rice crackers
Eliminate bread. Eat food with utensils and not bread Any form of bread

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