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The 2013 Summer Challenge is an individual challenge. Your training frequency, the foods you eat, the amount of time you spend working on mobility, and the activities you participate in outside of the gym all have a profound impact on your fitness and health. We challenge you to take four weeks to gain complete control of these factors with a view to redefining your health and fitness.

It’s just a four week challenge to be completed in a group of like-minded and supportive individuals. The atmosphere during our challenges is one of drive and camaraderie. So whether you’re seeking changes in body composition, would like to improve your performance, or simply need your lifestyle habits to be bumped in the correct direction, this challenge is for you.

Please open the following links for all information pertaining to the challenge. Print them and stick them on you fridge and at your work station.

Once you have read the above documents and are committed to enter, complete the form below, pay the entry fee, and await further instruction.

The most common piece of advice we’ve heard from previous challenge winners regarding doing a challenge has been “Just do it!”


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