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Winter Challenge: Bonus Point Task

The true challenge begins after the challenge.

After the challenge you won’t be penalised for making poor food choices, for not working on mobility enough and for training training consistently. You’re not going to have a team at your back when you falter, and they aren’t going to be there encouraging forcing you to get involved in different sporting events.

Without the strict guidelines and incentives of the challenge, it’s easy to fall off the wagon.

All you can think of right now is what treat you’re going to have at the end of the challenge, right? It ends up becoming a weekend binge, and then you find ways of justifying “just one small treat” every day, and before you know it, you’re on a slippery slope to undoing all the great work you just did.

How you do prevent that from happening? You set small and tangible goals.

Your bonus point task for this week is to develop a small list of goals that you aim to achieve before the next Test Week (6 weeks away). We want two goals each for nutrition, health and lifestyle.

In order for your team to achieve 50 bonus points, each member of the team needs to post their goals in the comments section of this blog post by this Sunday. There is an example there for you to follow. If the task is complete in time, your team captains may add the bonus points to your score sheet.

Speedometer - Reaching Your Goal


  • cfjadmin says:

    Food Goals
    1. Use Saturdays to prepare the coming week’s breakfasts.
    2. No more than 10% of my meals will be treat meals.

    Performance Goals
    1. Three times a week I will get to class early/leave late to spend 15 minutes working on mobility.
    2. I want to increase my 1-rep max back squat.

    Lifestyle Goals
    1. I will get out and run or cycle once a week.
    2. I will get at least 7 hours of sleep a night.

  • Peter SHEASBY says:

    Food Goals
    1. Stay away from fast foods at lunch time.
    2. Stay away from cereal and bread
    Performance Goals
    1. Maintain 5 x a week attendance rate. Min 4
    2. Improve narrow push ups to 50 unbroken
    Lifestyle Goals
    1. Get out and one mountain bike race a month
    2. Get out and run at least 10km a week.

  • Sonia says:

    Food Goals:
    1. Limit nut butters to two teaspoons a day (=2 blocks). Macadamia and almond butter.
    2. After the challenge, I will move over from strict paleo to primal (need that bit of dairy, full cream:) )

    Performance Goals:
    1. I need to start working on my kipping pull ups, over the ring rows now.
    2. Balance my strengths and practice my weaknesses more (OHS, snatch).

    Lifestyle Goals:
    1. Continue the “no alcohol” rule.
    2. Get more sleep.

  • Jules (Switchblader) says:

    Food Goals
    1. I will continue to make good food choices and not indulge in everything my body thinks it wants. I will rather give it what it needs!
    2. My food shopping will be at the fruit, veggies and meat! The isles are a thing of the past!

    Performance Goals.
    1. I want to do one bar and one ring muscle-up before the year ends and just keep building more from there!
    2. To work on at least one skill i need improvement on or that is a big weakness everyday i am at the box after or before class!

    Lifestyle Goals
    1. I will continue to work hard and motivate those around me, setting new goals or challenges every week!
    2. I will live 100% healthy 90% of the time and work towards my ultimate goal of 10% body fat!

  • Jolandi says:

    Food Goals
    1. Only use natural sugars e.g. honey, and use it sparingly
    2. Limit myself to only 2 cheat meals a week, cheat meals should still be gluten free

    Performance Goals
    1. Commit to 4 classes a week, no cancellations, no excuses
    2. ½ bw strict press

    Lifestyle Goals
    1. Do 50 air squats and 1min HSH a day at home, every day for a month
    2. No caffeine after 2pm, no liquids after 6pm

  • Ashley says:

    Food goals
    1. Try and follow Paleo as close as possible
    2. Use Saturdays, for cheat meals.

    Performance goals
    1. Work as hard as possible with each session.
    2. Get to advanced stage before the open next year.

    Lifestyle goals
    1. Force myself to rest more.(Do not train 6x per week for months)
    2. Stretch more and go for sports massage once per week.

  • Nicole Genade says:

    Nutrition Goals:
    1. Keep sugar out of my diet except fruit
    2. Eat less bread, Pasta, Rice.

    Performance goals:
    1. Increase upper body strength to be able to do pull ups.
    2. train a minimum of 3 times a week.

    Lifestyle goals:
    1. Quit smoking
    2. practice and train more out of the box at home.

  • Little Nick (Switchblader) says:

    Food Goals
    1. Eat Paleo 80% of the week, every week.
    2. Ensure I take my supplements (fish oils, magnesium,zinc)on a daily basis.

    Performance Goals
    1. Move from Beginner to Intermediate level by the next test week. But while I’m at the Beginner level I want to be the best beginner at the box.
    2.Work on my weaknesses until they become my strengths and then keep practicing so that they don’t become my weaknesses again.

    1. Lead a healthier life all round.
    2. Get my 6 hours sleep DAILY.

  • Nicola H says:

    Food Goals
    1. Up my vegetable intake.
    2. Have ONE ‘cheat’ meal a week, NOT a cheat day.

    Performance goals
    1. Train mornings and evenings
    2. overall skill improvement – open gym to practice

    Lifestyle goals
    1. stick to having no alcohol or bare minimum.
    2. train, cycle and hike on weekends.

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