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Nutrition forms 90% of health and performance. Without the correct dietary intake, your fitness will not progress and you are likely to end up with some form of modern disease. In that regard, we aim to educate our members as best we can about the quality and quantity of foods they should consume.

For the nutrition workshop this Friday we have a guest speaker, Ursula Grobler, coming in to speak to us about the Paleo method of eating for health and performance. Ursula is a South Africa rower in preparation for the 2016 Olympics. She has been trained in paleo nutrition by Robb Wolf and team. And very important to us, Ursula is experienced in the CrossFit method!

Ursula will be talking to us about how to apply the paleo methods in South Africa for optimal results, be it for health or performance. The schedule details, as well as links about Ursula are below.

To those of you that are a bit more ‘groomed’ in the paleo methods, don’t forget about the paleo pot luck. Just bring a small side dish of your favorite paleo snack for the community to share.

Information about the challenge will be released shortly too.

Don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity people!

Nutrition Lecture
When: Friday 26 April
Time: 18h30 for 90 minutes
Cost: Make us your favorite paleo snack!

About Ursula Grobler
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