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How did you discover CrossFit?
That’s an obvious answer. My brother Neil and Ruby both kept telling me to stop wasting my time and do some real exercise.

What were you doing sport/exercise wise before CrossFit?
I used to be a member of a conventional gym, needless to say I cancelled my contract the day I joined CrossFit Jozi

How long have you been training at CrossFit Jozi for?
February 2013 will be exactly one year

Favourite CrossFit exercise?
To0 many to choose from but mainly back squats and kettlebell swings

Most disliked CrossFit exercise?
Thrusters, my stomach sinks every time I see it part of a WOD. Also, the ladies Fran and Helen, I would love to ask them, what were they thinking and why?

What changes in your health, physique, performance and mental wellbeing have you noticed since starting CrossFit?
The most obvious to me is fighting the demons in my head that say I can’t. CrossFit has taught me anything is possible and the saying is true, “you will pass out before you die.” CrossFit has also showed me the balance I needed and has changed the way I look at everything from food, to everyday living.

What advice would you give to someone with regards to starting CrossFit?
Just DO it, don’t ask yourself questions, and don’t say you can’t do the workouts, lift weights because you will never be able to see what your body can actually do until you try it. There is also more to CrossFit than just a WOD, the community is amazing and you will quickly have an extended family and never look back.

What is one word that people often use to describe you?
UUURRRRGGGGGHHHHHHH! (Some people will catch that :-))

What is something we would be surprised to know about you?
I’m really, really, really SHY. (Yes I know, makes no sense)

Favourite activity outside of CrossFit?
A good trail run or obstacle course / race

Favourite place to eat a Paleo-ish meal in Jozi?
Piatto or any great steak house

What are 2 things you will always find in your fridge?
Eggs and Milk

The song that gets you pumped up for a workout:
Has to be a Swedish House Mafia song, or any good trance song.

The last thing you ate?

Proudest accomplishment at CrossFit?
Duh, it has to be athlete of the month!

Which CrossFit Jozi member inspires you the most?
All the ladies at CFJ, but if it has to be one it will be Rafaela – that chick is a freaken machine at EVERYTHING!! When I watch Raf do a WOD, I’m left gobsmacked at what she achieves.

What are your goals for 2013?
To know the name of every movement off by heart 🙂


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